Giving incredible service is bordering on Pathological.

I understand most might not agree with the term Pathological being

used like this but – who cares.

Giving Pathological Service is what we all should strive for.

Most companies strive for meeting the customers needs but I

think go above and beyond is what Pathological really means.

Let’s rise up and serve others and be pathologically service oriented.…

Do you know someone who has OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

I think we all have a bit of OCD in us.

Most of us can keep it in check but some of us have a more

difficult time with it.

My friend who is an awesome carpet cleaner (a little shout out for him)

tells me he runs across many weird situations when he gets to customers homes.

Some of which involve very OCD people. He has a customer

that calls him once a month to clean his carpets. This guy is OCD.

Once a month? really? This customer also has plastic draped

over most of his home furnishings and he is always wearing

those thin rubber gloves that the Dr’s wear.

OCD is no joke. It is a mental disorder that can cripple people.


Working with OCD people can be challenging and most

won’t change their ways . . but they can if they work at it

and get professional help.


There is also others whom wash their hands obsessively.

OCD Hand Washing

OCD Hand Washing



Hey Everyone,

Sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks.

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