Who says tow truck drivers are pathological liars?

Now who says tow truck drivers are pathological liars?

You certainly didn’t get that from me.

As a matter of fact  let me tell you a story relating to pathological service received by

a towing service the other day. This is exactly what I mean when I say pathological protein –

“over the top motivated & energized service”.


After hitting a bear on my motorcycle my service experience started when I called this towing service.

They answered the phone quickly – they were super polite (even though I was losing my mind),

they determined my location and dispatched a truck immediately.

Within 30 minutes the truck arrived and the driver

was thoughtful and considerate using blankets to protect my bike from further damage

while loading onto the flatbed.


The driver asked us for our safety to go ahead and sit in the truck.

After he loaded the motorcycle he came back to the cab of the truck and offered us

each a bottle of water. He could tell we were still visibly upset from the accident.

He calmed us with his demeanour and proceeded to assure us that all would be ok.

He kept the conversation going so we could take our mind off of what just happened.

He dropped us off at our house assured us the bike would be fine in

his possession and off he went. His service didn’t stop there.


After unloading the bike and getting it inside their garage he took of photo and sent it to me

saying “your baby is safe and tucked in”. That was very thoughtful of him cause we take pride

in our motorcycle and was concerned that it would be mishandled.


It was an incredible pathological service experience and one that I always like to share.

So who ever said tow truck drivers are pathological liars? That is certainly not our experience.